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Star Trek: Beginnings--A work-in Progress-By Propilot

Chapter 1-countdown

November 12, 1999. Earth is once again teetering on the brink of nuclear war.

This was the day it all started. It was the first day of negotiations, and the day the earthquakes came. They were worldwide.. Mountains shifted, towns were destroyed, and even here, in Las Vegas, NM they were felt. Some people thought the world was coming to an end. I didn't. My friend Chris and I checked and rechecked the circular fault line until we noticed metal peeking out from the edge of the circle. It was not crude metal, nor any metal either of us had ever seen before, and soon, San Muigel county was surrounded by circles, making it look like a raised bulls-eye.

November 30, 1999. The mystery is still unsolved. WW3 has started.

By this time, cities were dissapearing, blown up by the Nuclear weopons the major nations were hurtling at each other. People died by the millions, and both sides thought the earthquakes were the fault of a rival nation somehow. I thought some may have been, or at least until I got a new topographical map of the world. Ithen overlayed a new earthquake map of the world. The quakes surrounded areas that looked a lot like... WAIT, they looked EXACTLY like starships! I immediatly told Chris about it. We went back to the edge surrounding our city, and found a hatch! We decided we would need help if we were going to explore something this big.

December 29, 1999. How to get in, how to get in.?
Four of our friends agreed to go along, but the rest thought we had gone completely nuts. It took us another whole day to get gear for the trip and tell as many people as we could to pack and leave town, but nobody believed us exept a few, including our parents and the schools. On the 31st we went through the hatch and closed it securely. Although main power was not online yet, the turbolifts were, and we got to the control center in time. Chris spotted the timer first, and at first we thought it was a bomb, but it was later clear that it was a launch timer, and it was at 1:00:59!

December 31, 1999:23:30 hrs. Half an hour to go
All of a sudden, main power came online partially, and as soon as I could see clearly, I saw something on the main screen. He was definitely human, but very old. He then delivered a message.

"This will be my last message. Most of the others are dead or dying, or too sick to run the ship. 50 years ago, our ship encountered a strange probe. We tried to hail it, when all of a sudden, It fired a chroniton beam at us and sent us 500,000 years into the past. Apparently it did the same to the rest of Starfleet because they soon joined us. Luckily all the ships were fitted with landing gear soom after and we were able to land. Still, the beam destroyed the dilithium crystals ,so they needed 52 years to recover, unfortunately none of us will live that long, and even though the ships can fly without us, well, hopefully you'll understand.

By the time the message ended, 12 minutes had passed.

T-15 minutes

After the message stopped playing, Chris and I decided to use the comm system to see how everyone was doing. At exactly 15 minutes on the clock, the computer turned on, along with everything else that had been off. When everyone called in with good reports, we took our fingers off the abort buttons and decided to go with it.

T-5 minutes

By this time, we were strapped in to our seats. Those five minutes were the longest of my entire life, and I was sure that was what everyone else felt too. Everyone else checked in and every thing was as it should be, the dock lights turned on,and we saw 5 ships, all refit 3 Constitution and Intrepid class ships.

As the engines started, we all hoped that there were no holes in the hull, even though we had checked and rechecked, but we were calmed with 2 reports from the computer. There were no holes, and the county had been saved. All the houses in the NE corner of the state had been beamed elsewhere with their inhabitants. When the nations saw the ships rising, peace talks lead not only to peace between many countries, but lead also to the destruction of almost all boundries between nations and the unity of most of the world.

The only seperate nation, Iraq, though, had other plans for their new ships....

Chapter 2--now in!!


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