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Star Trek:Beginnings

Chapter 2-learning

January 1, 2000. As was said in the end of Chapter 1, the Iraqis launch their new ships against us.

We were still getting used to life on a starship, as we had only been on one for about a day. We knew about the Iraqis, but we figured it would take a month or more to train crews for their ships, so we knew we had time. Also, intelligence found out they had a new, extremely strong shield working for them. I guessed it was monopolarized, meaning it had only one layer of very strong shields, as we had relatively weaker, but multilayered shields. Each of the layers has a different polarization, so if we could match our weapons to their polarization, we could get through their shields easily, although we were still looking for the weapon controls.

January 5, 2000. They moved faster than we expected!

Military intelligence was able to get ahold of one of the shield devices, and my hunch was confirmed. It was monopolarized, which meant our job got a whole lot easier. We couldn't trust that the frequency would be the same, though. Unfortunately, we were also told that we would find out sooner than we thought. Their ships were almost ready.

January 7, 2000. Now how do I start the engine?

We had to learn how to use the 5 docked ships in combat the hard way. Each ship had only a skeleton crew, while the Iraqis had full crews. All the other ships weren't ready yet, and they had landed for safety. Even on full power our scanners couldn't penetrate their shields, but we took a guess at where the shield generator was, and fired at one of the ships with varying frequency phasers until one got through and destroyed that section, but it was one of their torpedo launchers. It took a couple more guesses to get it right. Then they fought back hard, at least as hard as they could with that much accidental damage. We were careful to keep their warp engines up so they could escape. Even though their ships were large and ours were small, we could still outmaneuver them easily. We knew that this could last a while.

Still January 7, 2000. Meanwhile, back on earth.

During the battle in space, we received some bad news. The Iraqis were using the technology they gained to make vehicles with enormous destructive power. We would have to come down as soon as we repelled the starships.

On the battlefield on earth, the battle was even worse than in space. The tanks were fitted with phasers and photon grenades, but they were no match for the land destroyers, as they were called. 20 Tanks were destroyed for every 1 LD destroyed. Replacements were huge, but the generals knew they could not hold them much longer.

Later January 7, 2000. Back in space.

We were having much better luck in space. The Iraqis would eventually retreat to another planet. They had to. While they were badly damaged, we were still in very good condition. Eventually, they did retreat. Unfortunately, there was the battle still on earth. A scan showed that the factorys structural material was too strong to blast through, but there were only a handful of guards there. There was only the possibility of beaming down into it to activate the self-destruct(if there was one). We could not beam directly, so we came down near an entrance while another ship was destroying the LDs on the battlefield. When we got there, we found the entrance locked and sealed magnetically. We had a demagnatizer, and we could blast open the lock with the pulse rifles, but we could set off an alarm, so we were very careful with it, and we finally got it open...

January 8, 2000. Inside the factory.

We came in with our shields on full(just in case), and our phasers charged, but there was nobody in the hall. We had to go to the control room to find anybody, and they surrendered immediately. It was very easy to find the self-destruct, it was the red button with the timer next to it, but how long would we have to get out? None of the workers would tell us. So when we pushed the button, we ran out of there as fast as we could. When we saw the door we sprinted for the exit, and not a second too soon. The whole building blew up behind us, and we were beamed up just in time.

January 10, 2000. The Iraqis surrender.

Soon after the incident, the last LD was destroyed, and the Iraqis surrendered. They were given another chance on Quakned 5, a previously uninhabited M class planet. Meanwhile, the rest of the ships were readied for launch, Crews were thoroughly trained, and dry-dock and Starfleet Academy were built.

Somehow, everyone knew it would not be the last adventure.

Chapter 3-Contact coming in March!


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