I've been working off and on to transfer all or most of my old hand graphed patterns onto my BeadPlan files. You'll notice that none of my patterns are copyrighted--as far as I know, they're all original to me, but are also all inspired from older art, or natural objects. I know how much work goes into the making of these things, and seriously doubt that anyone is going to get rich from them--but, hey, if you do, send some MY way. :-) If you see a piece of work in the gallery that isn't represented here, it probably means I haven't gotten around to transferring the pattern. If you REALLY, REALLY want a pattern of mine that isn't here, email me--I'll see what I can do.

Old Patterns of the "week"


More Old Patterns of the Week

More Old Patterns of the Week

Original Bead Patterns From Linda Breyer (English Bead Artist)


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