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Tubular Right Angle Weave

This pattern seems to be another old one, but one I haven't seen much of, until a friend of mine brought a lovely garnet necklace and bracelet set to work one night to show me. She apparently got it in Thailand 'years ago'. One look and I saw that it was right angle weave done in the round. Didn't take much playing around to figure out how to do it.

A lot of people are resistant to doing the right angle weave with two needles, but really, it's SO much faster and easier when you get used to it. Since I work the semiprecious beads with spider wire (a type of fishing line), there aren't even any needles to mess with.

Here's the thread path for the beginning of the bracelet. I start with a couple of yards of fishing line--it's a bit fussy to work with so much line, but the fewer 'joins' you have with this bracelet, the better, as it's a continuous round and has to be eased over the hand to the wrist. Semi-precious beads can have sharp edges and will cut thread, and WILL wear even the spider wire. I've considered using the 0.01 size of SoftTouch, but haven't had the nerve to try to manage two yards of the stuff at once. It kinks and curls in long lengths--I love the stuff for many things, but working it in long lengths is a bit too much.

To start the piece, take one bead and slide it to the center of your 2 yards of line. Add one bead to the right-hand thread, and then two beads to the left hand thread, bring the right hand end through the second bead (the one nearest the cut end) from right to left--making a crossover. Snug the beads down to the center of the line and you should have the configuration seen on the third photo. Then pick up one bead on each side, and bring your threads down the same side they exit the last set and crossover through the very first bead. You'll have a neat little configuration as seen in the last photo.

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