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Of course the ultimate link for beadworkers and beadnuts is Beadnet.

My favorite bead magazine--Bead & Button!

Linda Breyer and I are in the process of making her site: Morticia's Magical Bead Tour!

One of the coolest online beadstores going--Betcey's Beyond Beadery.

Cool beadwork and a book I want: Jacque Owens Beadwork.

Roseanne offers a Bead & String Referance Chart, and a gallery of her fine work at: Beaded Phoenix

Split loom necklaces and an innovative marketing strategy at Art by Aaron.

Annie Laurie does amazing applique work at Xochitl Arts Studio.

AWESOME loomwork at Don Pierce's page.

Amazing enormous rosette, and other fine work at Singing Wolf's World.

Wonderful beadwork and ANIMATED peyote instrucrtions at: Shala's Beadwork.

Shala Kerribgan's husbands hilarious Bead Widowers' Page.

Wonderful patterns from The Tapdancing Lizard.

Here's some absolutely gorgeous bead/textile work--Needleweaving by Ginger!

Beautiful beadwork, and cat pictures! Mariko's Beads on the Beach.

Keep an eye on this young beaders' page. Beadi's Page.

Absolutely gorgeous woman themed beadwork at: Ruthie's Beads.

Wonderful color combinations and beadwork--Tan Feliz's Beadwork Page.

More links to all sorts of craft sites, organized in an interesting way! Check out Beadwranglers!

Guess what?? There's another BEADNIK!!!

Elegant beadwork by Dona Anderson at Beading Heart Designs!

Check out Brenda Whitehead's HEIRLOOMS AND TREASURES! Cool beadwork and a fun virtual peyote graphic!

The beader from down under Beadjunkie!

Don't miss Simone's other page Beadfairies

Don't miss Emily's new page The Mining Company

Of course there's Emily's classic page The Beadworker

The best bead art I've seen yet. Ann W. Paxton's Contemporary Icons

More lovely beadwork and great links at Beverly's Bead Gallery.

Unbelievable use of color and design at Minoa Beadworks.

Another fantastic page. Poppy Field Bead Co.

Beadwork and wonderful pine needle baskets at Dreamweaver.

The Moscow Bead Club--the server or connection with this wonderful site is sometimes slow, sometimes gone. This page shouldn't be missed, keep trying.

I got interested in Thread Heaven and love the classroom pages at Hillsinger.

Check out Suzanne Cooper's great page--instructions, bulletin board, great beadwork.

More excellent beadwork.(Kim Rostberg)

Looking for a wonderful loom or want to see some gorgeous beadwork? Don't miss Ann and Alan Brodricks' page!

The home of BEADPLAN my favorite bead graphing software.

Some beautiful work from Alaska--Cabin Fever Gifts.

The webmistress of the Russian bead society has a pageMaria Oldring's Page

Then there's Aunt Molly's Beadstreet with instructions and neat links and great beadwork

Beautiful work at Indian Summer's Gallery!

GREAT PEYOTE TUTORIAL!! at the page of the artist formerly known as Ciara.

Here's a new growing page--Sarah Merchant's page.

Major excitement here!!! BEADCATS is now online!!

You can find beautiful beadwork, free patterns, and pattern packages for sale at Double Woman Designs.

A large gallery of traditional beadwork.

Hooray! another male beader! Thunderbeads.

Another great new page! CheckerBeads from Anne Checker.

Gorgeous porcelain cabs! Beadwork by Michelle Heiss.

A gallery of different New York artists at The Bead Society of Greater New York.

Handcrafted jewelry reproduced from authentic Art Deco period necklaces, by Mary of Ostrowski Design at The Jazz Age.

Wonderful bead and leather work at: Via del Sol.

Some fine beaded barrettes, bags, and a loomed wolf face (my pattern! and it turned out VERY nicely) from Janice.

Visit Shelly The Beadmouse, another fine British beader!

Barbara Elbe's fantastic work! She's the queen of brick stitch IMHO, and you can find all of her books, as well as free patterns, and beads, etc. for sale there.



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