Netting the Ornament

The netted ornament isn't a new idea, by any means, but I haven't seen this method in any tutorial or magazine article, so I thought it would be fun to share with the bead world.

Step 1: Pick up 5 main color beads, one contrast bead (here I'm using the new size 11/0 one cuts in cream for the main color (available at my buddy Betcey's, Beyond Beadery), and some old silver lined red beads I had lying around for the contrast beads). Pick 5,1,5,1 until you have a total of eight contrasting color beads, then tie the work in a circle, leaving a tail long enough to weave in later.

Step 2: Pick up 10 main color beads, one contrast, one accent (here, I'm using a small freshwater pearl from Fire Mountain Gems), three main color, another accent (I'm using a 4mm Swarovski crystal from Betcey's Beyond Beadery), then a 'stop bead' (I'm using a size 13/0 cream charlotte), and bring your needle back through the crystal, the three main color beads, the pearl, and the contrast bead. Then pick up 10 more main color beads and bring your needle through the next contrast color bead in the circle.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, all around the circle, then bring your needle out through the first ten main color beads, and the first contrast bead at the point of the first 'add ten'.

This is what it looks like at this point, on the ornament.

Step 4: Now, pick up 15 main color beads, one contrast, one accent, three main, and another accent, the stop bead, and go back through the accent, 3 main, accent and contrast beads, pick up 15 more main color beads and bring your needle through the contrast bead of the first 'point' of the preceding round.

Step 5: Repeat step 4, all the way around the circle.

Above is what the finished second round looks like--I used red and green crystals, alternating, as accent beads at the ends of the points on this round. Now, bring your needle through the first fifteen main color beads and the contrast bead, and you're ready to begin round 3. Round 3 is a repeat of round two.

I usually do three rounds of the 15 bead/dangle/15 bead net, then start decreasing and just using 10 main color beads, one contrast and 10 main color, no dangles for the decrease rounds. Usually a couple of decrease rounds and you're ready to close the circle at the bottom, tie off and voila--the ornament!


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