I've been working on making some beaded cabs lately, and thought it would be fun to attempt a tutorial on the system I use. I doubt if I'm the first person to cover cabs this way, but I did work the technique out myself, without any input from anyone else, so hopefully this isn't someone elses patented method. This method should work for round as well as oval cabs, and irregular flat shapes, too.


Step 1. The first thing I do is string enough beads to go around the cab, about 1/16-1/8 inch from the edge.


Step 2. Now form the string of beads into a circle by going back through the beads from the first to the last, and tie the two ends in a knot. It helps to leave the tail end long enough to go back later and weave it in.


As you can see--the beads are in no way attached to the cab, yet.


Step 3. Now we can start netting. Since these cabs are fairly thick, I'm going to add three beads, then go into the third bead in the base circle, and repeat all around. (If this were a thinner cab, I would probably add 5 beads, then into the thrid bead. You'll see why later...) :-)


There's another method on Red Ventling's page.


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