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If anyone is curious about why I haven't been online much lately--check out my latest obsession. This piece will be about 6" wide and 10" tall--I'm using beads ranging from size 16 to size 22. The pattern is taken from a cave painting at Tassili, Algeria, dated to 3500BC. See below for comparison of a dime, a delica bead and the 22's I'm mostly working with.

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Here he is--August 11. Sewn to the braintanned/smoked leather, fringe is cut, and I've finished the fringe embellishment with green dentalium. The beadwork measures 10 1/2 inches by 8 1/4 inches. Hooray! He's done! (Of course, I still have to sew him to a vest-but no sweat there!)

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A Close Up

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Vest, with Moon Panel added...what's next???

Go HERE to see a close up comparison of the bead sizes.


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