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I don't know where I first learned to make these earrings--I think they were inspired by an early bead and button article, but I can't find it anywhere. Suffice to say, I didn't invent this method, it's probably been around for centuries, but I've never seen it used to make this exact earring/ornament/pendant before. Anyone know a source for this pattern?? Also--check out Anne Checker's method for making pentacles!

Step One


Pick up 10 gold beads and join in a circle, tie ends together and leave enough tail to weave back in later.

Step Two


Next, pick up three gold beads, skip one bead in the original circle, needle through the second bead, pick up three more gold beads, skip one base row bead, etc. around the circle--this makes five little points.

Step Three



At the end of the 'add three' round, bring your needle up through the first two beads of the first added three, pick up five gold beads and needle through the center bead of the next 'add three'. Continue around the circle.

Next Steps


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