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Here's Karen's newest offering--a fantastic blue and white spiral necklace and earring set--anyone who has worked with sharp bugles knows how much patience this one took!


Karen, from Idaho, sent me the scan of this lovely bag--I've written her to get more info on it--size, technique, etc. I just love green, despite the prevailing prejudice of some of our dear beadtalk sisters (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :-) ). And this bag is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Here's what Karen has to say about this piece:

I used DMC 8 pearl cotton with sl transparant dark green ll/0 seed beads. The fringe includes some gold seeds and some yummie Czech pressed glass leaves purchased from Beadcats when I went to BeadFest in CDA with Red, Michelle and Kristi. The strap is chain stitch with 1 green bead per stitch. I then stitched a gold bead between each green bead. I twisted the strap and attached it to the bag. The bead on the flap is a lampworked bead. It is a red apple with a dichroic green/gold snake wrapped around it. I got the apple bead from a friend who was cleaning out her bead "stuff". The knitting is done with 0000 knitting needles. I have no idea how many hours I have invested in this project! KarenD in Idaho



Karen says:"This is a peyote stitch bracelet for a person with "goddess-like wrists"." :-)



Two Fine Cabs!



Karen says of this piece: " Here is the Elena necklace from the last Bead and Button. The article was by Alice Korash. I used Ceylon finish DynaMites beads. I wore this one day during the Denver Bead Renaissance and was invited to come back next year and teach it! Isn't that exciting?" I LOVE it!! :-)


Crocheted Rope Necklace

Karen sez: "Next is a crocheted rope necklace using crystal 10/0 beads and varigated DMC 8 thread. Doesn't that open up a whole new way of thinking about things?"


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