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OK--now you've snugged the crystals down together, and the base row is started.

Now pick up two crystals with your left needle and one with your right, and pass the right needle through the last bead added to the left needle, just like last time. Continue on in this manner, adding three crystals at a time--I use 88 crystals to make about a 7 inch bracelet.

Here's the bracelet worked to the end, first layer.

Now, I simply turn the bracelet around, so that the last crystals added are the farthest away from me, and pick up three size 13 beads (in this case, I'm using sterling silver charlottes) on the left hand needle and two on the right hand needle. You will use basically the same hand arrangement as for the crystals, putting the three left hand charlottes on the tip of your index finger, and holding the needle down between your middle and ring fingers, put the right hand needle through the last added charlotte on the left, from the needle side of the bead. This will form a v shape when snugged down. (Note that the threads cross over and the former left thread now is your right thread and vice versa.) Now pick up two charlottes with your right hand thread, and pass through the crystal that is lying horizontally directly under your v-shape, from right to left, and pick up two charlottes with your left needle--pass through the SAME crystal going left to right.

Here we see the left hand needle passing through the horizontal crystal, to complete the first X.

Now pick up three charlottes on your left needle and two on your right and bring the right needle through the last bead added to the left needle as shown above, and snug them down. Then pick up two beads on the right and two beads on the left needles and bring the right needle from right to left through the next horizontal crystal, and the left needle from the left to the right through the same crystal.

Continue on in this way to the end of the bracelet--your last group of crystals will not have a horizontal crystal--don't worry, we'll deal with it on the next page!



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