Bead Graphing Programs Comparison

Here are the graphs of the sparrow photo that Mary (Aunt Molly) picked out for this experiment. Basically, what we were attempting to do is compare the map into beads abilities of different bead graphing programs for PC's. Below is the original picture that Mary picked out for us to play with (we all agree this is a really hard picture to work with!)


The first two graphs are done by Linda Breyer (Morticia) on Stitch Painter.


Next is my attempt with BeadPlan. I did play with the pallette a bit, before mapping into beads, but the pattern is untouched from the map into bead function. If this were a pattern I was making for myself, the next step would be to manually add beads in places that I wanted to change.


Last, but not least, is Mary (Aunt Molly), our trained graphic artist (she teaches graphic arts), on Ed Hand's Beader. Mary says of these patterns: "Here are the sparrows I attempted. Both are 2 drop peyote, 36 beads wide by 60 rows, charted for delicas. Sparow5.gif (the one on the left) was cropped, reduced to 16 colors, then remapped to 5 colors, imported into Beader and automatically converted. No retouch. Except I might have whitened the eye in Paint Shop Pro first. Then I exported the chart as a .bmp file, and remapped the colors again in PSP to give them a bit more contrast. It still uses 5 colors (4 bead colors) Sparo8.gif (right) was also cropped, reduced to 16 colors, and imported into Beader.

Then, instead of doing the auto convert, I drew over the image, which took about an hour.

It could still use more work to clarify certain parts. I like the rhythm of the feathers a lot better. The autoconvert would probably require nearly as much time, which this particular image, unless I used a huge, detailed chart. Anyway, I exported the chart as a .bmp file, and remapped the colors again in PSP for clarity and contrast, reducing them to 8 colors (7 bead colors)

I think people think graphing software is gonna be a piece of cake, which it's not!"



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